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November 04, 2011


Mike Dever

Nicolas, I take a rather dim view of the credit rating agencies based on their proven incompetence. i discuss them in my book in this chapter (complimentary link): http://jackassinvesting.com/lookinside/lookinside_chapter_13-31.php

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I also agree with you that the regulation of these policy contributions must be improved more and more. There are some loop holes which must be filled very soon. They must think about to improve the quality and definitely scope of issuers.


I also against with these unintended consequences of this ill-designed regulation, I really think that the level of these regulation must be improved and government should changes their policies for the regulation on Credit Rating Agencies.

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Building on my earlier piece on credit rating agencies, we examine a series of policy questions specifically related to sovereign credit ratings and their role in financial policy.

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I think that these policies must be very strong and strict for credit card users as well as credit card providers; this is the most perfect way to control the crime of credit card frauds. The rules and regulations must be mad after thinking a lot.

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the most detailed information to date about how credit default swaps (CDS) transfer credit risk between different institutions.

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The European debate on credit rating agencies was really good and I think that this kind of debate must be organized regularly alternatively. In this debate we could find solutions of some major problems as well.


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