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April 06, 2012


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I think that European policymakers are not very smart, that’s why they are not able to improve financial situations of Europe. European economy is still very weak. This is also true that Europe’s leaders are not ready to create a truly meaningful federal framework for banking policy.

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European Financial conditions are still so poor, the upper management people of finance department European countries should do something better. That’s true that financial policies must be very good and strong which be perfect for this kind of situations.

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This is true that A Eurozone one and only banking union definitely would be in difficulty to just square with vision of a particular single European market for the financial services.

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If European policy makers need to choose anyone of them, then they should go for banking union. I think that if European Banking Union and Eurozone Fiscal Union make some efforts together then they can really find some good solutions to solve this fiscal deficit and financial crisis problem.

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I agree with you that monetary union cannot be sustainable without fiscal union and banking union, European government should think about it seriously. This is true that these will not themselves be sustainable without a form of political union.

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We all know this very well that European economy is really very poor at present time. This is also true that Europe’s leaders are not ready to create a truly meaningful federal framework for banking policy.


European government should take it very seriously. Europe is facing very poor financial problem. I think that Financial Repression can be effective and they should go for it.

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It is good for Europe to think about this as soon as possible. Can late decision can affect the price of Euro

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