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May 18, 2012



I've read this column on voxeu.org for the first time yesterday and I've quoted on my blog here.
I am think the big problem is that this point of the banking union or better "European Single Banking Area" is totally unfocused by politicians and also by the main public. I know it's not so catchy as an argument, but it's actually a key point, we must find ways to make it more relevant. I was looking for news about this argument from the recent EU (informal) summit but I didn't find anything!!!

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There are many complicated lawful and economical concerns at share, but eventually the choice is governmental.

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De saker jag har sett i termer av bärbar dator är att det finns specs som SDRAM, DDR eller något annat, måste som matchar upp funktionerna i moderkortet. Om PC moderkortet är mycket aktuellt och det finns inget operativsystem frågor modernisera minnesutrymmet tar bokstavligen under en timme eller så. Det är en av många enklaste typer PC Upgrade av förfaranden kan man tänka på. Tack för att sprida dina idéer.

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It is a good thing that they are ready for banking union,it is a sign that they are getting up for crisis,in Finland i can say that they are not suffering but most of their finances get in some loan and lending but they manage their debt very well that why i say they are not suffering.I am glad to here this one,thanks for sharing the news.

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Gordon makes a thoughtful case for his conclusion that future long-term growth for the U.S. will be much slower than past growth.

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pay to be one of the coming battlegrounds between teachers unions, and school boards and parents

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Some member states remain committed to bolstering national banking champions or to protecting links between local banking and political communities

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